Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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How to make a commitment to your first impression

Starting off the New Year is a great time to commit to taking care of yourself. So why not start with your image?

Whatever job position you have, you are someone in the public eye. Once you are representing a company or interacting with customers, clients or your followers in any way, you'd better believe you're a brand.

Taking a few extra minutes each day will enhance your appearance and will also make you feel more confident. People will take you seriously if your look is polished and pulled together.

Stay fresh. First and most important is to be conscious of your hygiene when looking to make a first impression. All of these not only destroy self-confidence, but also cause people to judge you: bad breath, yellow teeth, untidy hair or clothes, body odor, overly strong perfume.

Hydrate. Keep up with hydration by drinking plenty of water. It will enhance the look and feel of your skin. It also curbs your appetite, and will lighten dark circles under your eyes. Water helps flush out the toxins from your system and will reduce the amount of salt concentration in and around the eye area that causes puffiness.

Dress for the situation. You don’t always have to look the best in the room, but make sure you look suitable for the situation. At work, observe people whose careers you’d like to aspire to. Take a cue from them on how to dress. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

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Having a polished appearance—clean and well-fitted clothing, styled hair, manicured nails—is an important component
when representingyourself and your company, as demonstrated by Michelle Moreno of Crown Point.

Check your wardrobe for "damage control." Do you have items where the buttons are loose, threads are hanging off of them, or there are holes in them? If so, get them fixed or don’t wear them. It's the detail in your outfits that defines you as a professional.

Stock your wardrobe. Find well-made pieces of clothing and accessorize them with more stylish accents based on your own personal style. Looking good not only builds confidence, it can assure other people's perception that you can "do the job." So consider your overall look as an investment in your future.

Make time for yourself. Schedule into your week some type of fun activity. Learn to say "no" and feel okay with it. Try not to apologize for things that don't need an apology, like taking care of yourself.

Splurge. Every once in a while, spend on yourself! Buy something you want but don't necessarily need: a new lipstick or a pair of earrings. A new outlook on life doesn't have to be expensive.

Ask around. Take a little insight and ask your friends, family and those who personally care about you what they think your look says about you. The real trick is taking their feedback and making changes without your feelings being hurt. So don't ask if you don't want to know.

Judge not. Always remember to not look at anyone and judge them completely on the first impression. They may have more gifts than you can see at first glance, and you might have missed something unique and special!

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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