Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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7 Hot Fall Hair Trends for 2017

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Looking for a new hairstyle for fall? Then these 7 picks will keep you in the know. Here are some of the freshest looks for fall!

1) Rock a Pony Tail

The pony tail is evolving! Try a side pony with a few loose pieces framing the face. Create texture in the hair by using a texturizing spray. Creating a high crown makes a ponytail look fancier. Tease the crown and work in a lighter working hair spray. Then smooth hair back and secure with a hair pin. Take a large barrel curling iron to give the end of the pony a little flip. My pick for best hair band is an Invisibobble!

2) Textured Bangs

Not everyone believes that bangs work on anyone's hair, but that's not true. Don't believe the rumors. Bangs work for every texture, even curly hair. Baby bangs are once again popular but with a choppy texture. Bangs have a way to freshen up any look. From wispy to fringy the appeal is almost timeless.

3) Long and Wavy

The new waves are not mermaid waves. They are long, casual and looser than what you might remember from old Hollywood. They are more stretched out and have a carefree look. Hair that flows and simply styled is a big trend this season.

4) Vintage Buns

The double bun which was inspired by the 1940's

hair fashions is all the rage. Just part your hair down the center and do two top twists on either side. Another way to pull off a bun is to pull your hair in a ponytail, then separate in two halves twist each one and one at a time wrap around the base on the pony tail. Pin each one in place. Don't worry if some pieces fall out it makes it look softer and it is also less complicated for you to do. For a guide to which bobby pins are best for which uses go to:

5) Braids

Braids are all over the fashion runways. Apparently there are no rules. Corn Rows with teased puffs on the ends showing contrast from the sleek braids. Curly hair with cornrows in the front and let the back of the hair remain curly. Braids once done can then be  loosened out to create a billowing effect making it more romantic. Check out Instagram for more ideas on wearable braid styles.

6) Pretty Up dos

The effortless looks of the modern up do are softer and more casual. Incorporating twisting and braiding then literally pulling them softly apart gives it a more

romantic feel. Keep things loose and falling freely when putting up your hair for that on trend look.

7) Flat Waves  

These are waves created with a flat iron. Waves that are created with a flat iron are more subtle. Take a flat iron start the bend in the shaft of the hair leaving out the ends to leave a straight end for a more softer finish. My go to for a flat iron is:

MHD Professional Flat Iron $24, Amazon

So switch it up and give these hair styling options a try! You can get a new look without chopping off you locks and the good thing is all of these ideas work on almost everyone!

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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