Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Pampering yourself before the Holi-daze

Doyle Nov 2015 Yes 2aNovember is a great time for pampering yourself! Holiday scuttle  hasn't started yet, and the changing day light hours make you want to  relax at home. This is a great time to spend a little extra time to care for your skin and hair.

Don’t toe the line

Lets start with you feet! Fall does not mean you need to put your pretty feet away. Remember those peep toe pumps you love, they deserve to have a great fall tone showing thru, so keep up the polishing for the fall just change up the color! They are currently showing boots for fall with a peep toe so even if you are not getting a full pedicure make sure to change the polish color. So don't hide you toes just yet!

Pamper your hands

Now for your hands. Cold and wet weather adds to dryness of your hands. So they need special attention. Look for ingredients like Panthenol, Vitamin E, Glycerin which holds in precious moisture, and Allantoin is an anti irritant. All of these ingredients will soften the roughest of hands. Doyle Designed "Intensive Hand Treatment" has
all of these ingredients! Other active ingredients to look for in lotions are grape seed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and chamomile will make your hands soft and silky.

Scrub away summer

Hair care tips for fall although are typically much simpler than summer hair care, but there are some things to do during this season. You need to make sure that your summer hair is shiny, soft and rehydrated. Natural hair in typically lighter in the summer and darker
in the fall and winter. Carmel and golden hues look great if you are a blonde and will give your complexion a warm glow. If you are a brunette add in natural looking lowlights or some with a warmer tone.

Update your look

A Hair Clarifying Treatment is a great way to eliminate the build up from chlorine, well water and other things that are coating your hair. Fall is a great time to get rid the build up and start with clean shiny hair. Get your hair professionally clarified with an in salon treatment followed up with a deep conditioning to strengthen and moisturize hair. A deep conditioning session is best done after a clarifying treatment to restore softness and restore strength but wont feel weighed down because of the clarifying treatment.

So now that you have cleaned off the hair and moisturized it you need to get a trim. You do not want to start out the season with split ends. Take time to at least get a little trim, or what I call "Caress your ends".
This type of cut will give you a fresh cut look without loosing any major length.

Remember to condition

Conditioning your hair definitely needs to be in your fall and winter regimen. Think of all the things that create static like sweaters and turtlenecks. To avoid that do an occasional moisturizing treatment.
Also consider using a sulfate free moisturizing shampoo/conditioner
to avoids stripping out the natural oils in your hair.

With Thanksgiving coming up try to surround yourself with traditional holiday themes of fall colors, fragrances of pumpkin, clove and cinnamon. There’s something comforting about the warm scents of fall
so enjoy them all during this season!

'Tis the season TO SHINE
Fall into New Color - Yes Magazine Column


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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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