Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Testimonial from Heaven!

I have to share this testimonial on Doyle Designed Hair Care!

First off - as I have stated before -  I LOVE your products and I have clients interested in them as well. So we will need to talk about how I go about placing orders and ect. Also, do have back bar sized options for your shampoos and conditioners?

Below is my feedback on your products:

Hair paste has a firm hold, yet is pliable enough to move and re-shape as the day goes on. It is very difficult to find a hair paste that exhibits these qualities - most are too heavy, too oily, or too light of hold for what most clients are looking for.

Smooth & strong spray- light and fresh scent, is a great spray for all hair types. Ive noticed it is a nice de-tangler and is a great addition for any client to have in their choice of daily products.... same goes for the healthy hair complex and detangler, both are well liked and have left the hair with more shine than before.

Blow foam root booster - great volume response. Doesn't leave the hair sticky or stiff like most products in this category do. I liked to spray right at the root, as well as in my hands and run it though their hair to give that extra fullness through the mid-strand and ends.

Thermal Protector - Another impressive product, I typically stay away from these sprays because they have left the hair stiff and/or sticky. This is not the case with your thermal protector, and the scent is really nice.

Shine repair laminating gel - One of my very favorites. I can run this through any hair type at the end of my styling service and it leaves the hair soft, shiny, and smooth whether I have just blow dried, or flat ironed, or polish with a few waves or curls. I use it on EVERYONE.  Beautiful results on everyone.

Elixir - adds shine and strength.

Smoothing gel - Ive used it on a clients ranging from weak to strong curl patterns. The weak curl patterned clients typically prefer their hair blown out straight and the smoothing gel made the blow out a lot easier and in return added so much shine to the hair. When I used on a strong curl patterned client, it added a smooth and silky finish without weighing the hair down and didn't leave the hair "crunchy" BIG bonus for curly clients.  

Volume and Hold gel - I have never used gel as a styling product for my women, I had given gel a bad rap for being heavy and leaving the hair sticky. I only used gel on my male clients.  I decided to test out your gel on my lady clients, and I was amazed how everything I experienced in the past didn't happen with your gel. It added just the right amount of volume.

Hairspray - LMH options are really cool - something that is a really neat perk to your hair spray.  It isn't necessarily my "Go To" for hairspray tho have been overall happy with the results.

Instant conditioner - says it all in its name - its "instant" with results. It leaves the hair smooth and tangle free.

Moisture Shampoo - Has a rich lather and extreme clean feel to it, yet hydrating the hair all at the same time.

Re-hydrating Conditioner and Shampoo- a very nice pair that compliment each other. The perfect go to for most clients.

With Gratitude,

Katie Jager

K. Samuel Educations In Hair LLC

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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