Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Thermal Styling Tips

Thermal Styling Tips

What you need to know...
Use a Thermal Protectant

A lot of people do not use a thermal protectant. These are crucial to not only protect against heat damage but to enable the iron to slide thru easily.

Use thermal protectant also prior to blow drying.
Tip: On dry hair spray each section from scalp to ends prior to using a curling iron or flat iron.

  • If you hear a sizzle then you either have damp hair or too much product.
  • Too High of Heat.
  • Too Hot of a temperature is what tells you and your stylist that you need to back off of the heat.

Some irons only have a high/low setting. Find an iron or flat iron that has a dial.
Tip: Start off on the low to medium setting then work your way up, but never over 350 degrees.
Unless your hair is thick and curly you do not need to be above that temperature.

Repeat Ironing.

Do not iron the hair more than once if at all possible. Slide the iron slowly in a single movement.
If you do repeat ironing on every section you will cause a lot of damage.

Tip: Do not stop and go while you are flat ironing. This creates horizontal lines that take away from the smooth look.

The Bigger the Better?

Large irons are bulky and often weigh more so there is increased rick of burning yourself.
Larger flat irons work best on long thick hair.

Tip: If you need to get those little curls around the hairline then use a 1 inch wide straightener.

Keep it Clean!

A build up of product residue on your iron  will not allow it to slide thru the hair.
Tip: When the flat iron is cool take a soft grade of steel wool to remove any build up.
You can also use a little glass cleaner on a damp cloth to remove build up!

Looking for a thermal protectant?
Try Doyle Designed Thermal Protectant.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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