Sunday, May 28, 2023

Image and Time

Image & Time - Doyle Designed, The Salon Committed to Change

Not taking time for yourself allows everyone around you to be taken care of, but leaves little time to address any of your needs, especially your image.

Let’s face it, not only do you not take time for yourself, you often do not take time to update your current look. Whether it is professional, or personal, you tend to get stuck in an image that has not changed in many years. Having an image consultation on your current look could spark experiencing a new approach to your image.

Make an appointment with your stylist to talk about a change of your current style. Most stylists will, or should, welcome the opportunity to take the time to properly consult with you on the possibilities of a new style. Many times we will stay with a stylist for too long.

Unless they are changing your look on a regular basis, every 6 months to a year, you may be in a rut. It might be a perfect time to go have a consultation with another Stylist who may see you in a different way. It could be the best 15 minutes of time you have spent, allowing you to look forward to a change of color, cut, and or styling techniques.

Even minor changes to a cut, or color system, will make you feel good. For example a lot of people who have curly hair do not know how to style their hair in a curly look, so they continue to straighten their hair. Damaging the hair with all types of heating elements that only dry out curly hair and leave the strand looking rough. An alternate styling technique could give you some diversity, and create a look that would allow you to have a different style for a more casual occasion.

A beauty industry professional is someone that can help you to understand the factors to consider in achieving a personalized style for you. Some of the factors to be considered are face shape, hair texture, hair color, and the time constraints you have for styling your hair. The theory on face shapes is to make the face appear more balanced; the oval shape is the desired shape, and most flattering.

A seasoned professional will adjust the cut to improve the visual balance of your face shape. Do not under estimate the impact of your silhouette, the side view, people see you from every angle, and often this is out of balance. If you desire a new look, alert your stylist and let them guide you to an updated look.

Take the time to come in early to look over stylebooks, and make the stylist aware of what appeals to you. Then let the stylist guide you to the look that would be the right one for you.

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