Sunday, May 28, 2023

Doyles Angels

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Loyal to Doyle (aka: Doyle's Angels!)

This is a story of three young women that traveled over 3 hours to treat themselves to a "Makeover".

Being in a rural area they do not have anyone close to them that they felt were making a difference in their image. Longing for a change they called me.

I set up a special 4 hour appointment so that they could all come and relax together along with getting a makeover with me. They were fun and upbeat, brought some wine and snacks and had a great session of image enhancement. The photos tell the story of the changes they received and how much fun we all had.

My final photo is a play on "Charlie's Angels" that came to me and everyone knew exactly the pose they should make! It is one of the most fun sessions that I have ever had.

Group sessions are available and fun...just book in advance !


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