Sunday, May 28, 2023

Olaplex Treatment

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Doyle Sims, owner of Doyle Designed Salon and Education Center in Flossmoor, Illinois, is taking all the steps to make hair color gentler by incorporating a new system called Olaplex into their color systems. Basically, when you put chemicals in the hair — from coloring, or peroxide developers, or straightening treatments — the sulfur bonds split, and they then become sulfur hydrogen.
This process can eat away at the hair proteins, which causes damage. Olaplex prevents the splitting from happening. In short, it links broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical processes...preventing them from damage.
Many Salons are going to be "up charging" for this type of addition to a clients color service, but Doyle as usual is not going that route and will be adding the complex into many of their color processes just because he feels their clients deserve it!
Call Doyle Designed at 708-799-5758 for your next Hair color Service!

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