Sunday, May 28, 2023

Towels 2 Dye 4

Doyle Designed, The Salon Committed to Change

towels3As a Hair Salon owner for many years, I continued to be frustrated with having to purchase new towels due to ugly color stains.

One day I had a thought - what if they were tie dyed to begin with???

As I went along with my idea, I began to tie dye my own salon towels.

My theory was proven to be right ...towels that were tie dyed to begin with would diffuse the color stains.

After 6 months, the towels still looked presentable, saving me money on new towel purchases. The lack of frustration was another perk. The clients also noted the towel change, and I received nothing but positive reactions to the idea of my tie dyed towels!

This concept, after being tested for two years, is now available to you!

The work is done by hand and each highest-quality cotton towel is unique.

Please visit Towels 2 Dye 4 for more information

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