Sunday, May 28, 2023


Teen Makeup - Doyle Designed, The Salon Committed to Change

Finished-LookHaving been in the beauty industry for many years I have had the privilege to help young girls learn to put makeup on in the correct way.

There is definitely a time and place for everything. 14 years old is not the time for a Smokey eye look. I would say starting around 14-16 girls are already exploring the possibility of wanting to wear makeup.

A light color blush, or bronzer, a tinted gloss, and a little mascara is a good start. Knowing the complimentary shadow for your eye color is good information when they want to wear eye shadows.

Schedule a session for your teen at Doyle Designed Salon.  Your teen will love her fresh new look and we will introduce them to the right colors and techniques when applying makeup.

Remember it is makeup, not made up!

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