Sunday, May 28, 2023

Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment - Doyle Designed, The Salon Committed to Change

image09At Doyle Designed, for your first appointment we'll ask that you arrive 15-30  minutes early.

If you're having your hair colored, or permed, we suggest that you come in a few day's before your appointment so the appropriate system is reviewed and if a patch test is required, it will be done at that time. Please let us know if you've experienced any allergic reaction to either chemical.

Prior to every appointment, we take the time to discuss and consult any changes you may be considering, and we'll advise you of the newest trends.

This gives you the opportunity to ask all your questions - express any concerns, bounce around ideas, talk about the seasons - it's your time to explore, and our time to discover!

No one is shampooed prior to the consultation.

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