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About Doyle Sims

My Passion

Craft Hair Dresser
Cosmetology Teacher
Image Specialist

My beauty industry career began when I was 21. Having always been artistic, I was immediately drawn to the many facets of Cosmetology that empowered me to create and share my love of Hair Dressing! My career developed, and education became a passion, for teaching thru stage presentations not only on cutting trends but also in the many facets of hair coloring techniques! By sharing my knowledge, and continuing to update awareness, my clients receive a customized image. A strong, trusting relationship with clients enables me to do more than cut, color and style, I help to create a positive first impression. My approach to retailing products has always been a "Tell Don't Sell" policy. Over the years I have been community motivated, and have donated time and talent on countless occasions. My biggest pleasure is watching the expression on someone's face that has gone too long without feeling unique and beautiful!

Doyle Designed opened in 1995.

Welcome to Our Salon

2630 Flossmoor Road
Flossmoor, IL 60422

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